Segnali Interstellari

Weave of cottonline bouclé and cotton, size 18×21 cm, 2024 Segnali Interstellari is my contribution to A Sign In Space, a community driven project by the artist Daniela De Paulis working together among other with Seti and ESA.

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Aurora’s Dress

Aurora’s Dress is a collaborative project with costume designer Hanne Pierrot. The dress, which is also an analog electronic musical instrument, was the basis for the performance Aurora Ontwaakt in which Aurora awoke in her capsule and discovered a brand new world. Aurora Ontwaakt symbolizes the journey I made between the age of four when

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365 Jurkjes

Weblog and book in which I recorded the changes in my face caused by the first year of hormoon therapy. Every day I wore a different dress and posted a selfie. In blog entries that later also came in the book, I made a record of my emotional journey that year. Book with contributions by

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